DIEP fellowships at DIEP@UvA

Interdisciplinary three year postdoc positions

status: open (deadline April 30, 2020) | apply here

DIEP@UvA has several open positions consisting of three year DIEP postdoc fellowships. DIEP@UvA seeks senior postdocs whose research interests align with those of at least two of the following institutes: Institute of Physics (IoP), the Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics (KdVI), the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), the Informatics Institute (IvI), the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS) and the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS).

The DIEP fellow will join an exciting team of scientists and conduct exciting interdisciplinary research within emergence in areas such as non-equilibrium driven systems, causality and causal reasoning, collective intelligence and group learning, computational social choice, network theory, multiscale modelling, quantum information, new phases of matter, cognition, etc (for a more detailed description of DIEP@UvA research priority areas). DIEP@UvA has multiple ongoing research projects in: multiscale modelling of systems out of equilibrium, rare events in e.g. climate science, models of causal inference, logics for reasoning about social knowledge and communication in multi-agent systems, quantum and classical information theory, protein folding, self-organisation in active matter, emergent behaviour in catalytic processes, machine learning, emergence of social-informational barriers and distortions (segregation, polarisation, echo chambers, informational cascades), emergent phases of matter and spacetime, emergence of growth and form, etc. For concrete ongoing research projects within DIEP@UvA check DIEP@UvA's research portfolio.


We expect the DIEP fellow to be able to work with a high degree of independence and serve as a driving force for his/her research subject. We also expect the DIEP fellow to participate and help with the centre’s activities and contribute to the creation of an exciting research environment.

We expect DIEP fellows to perform the following tasks:


  1. Perform, high level research (analytical theory, numerical modeling or logical-semantical foundations, experiment, formal proofs etc.) related to the above topics or a closely related field.

  2. Be able to work together with several other researchers within DIEP from different background (mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, logic).

  3. The research fellow will be integrated within the research interests of at least two of the following institutes: IoP (physics), HIMS (chemistry), IILC (logic), KdV (mathematics), Ivl (computer science) and IAS (complexity science).

  4. Act as central beacon on the research topic within DIEP.

  5. Assist in organising workshops related to the DIEP topics.


Required background:


  1. A PhD in mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, or logic.

  2. Experience as an independent researcher.

  3. Excellent organisational, communication and cooperation skills.

Required application material:

  1.  A cover letter including motivation and explaining how your research fits into DIEP@UvA research priority areas, what institutes could be involved, potential co-workers and research subjects (see research portfolio).

  2. Your CV, including publication list.

  3. Two recommendation letters.

We offer a temporary contract for 38 hours per week for the duration of 3 years. The salary, depending on relevant experience before the beginning of the employment contract, will be  € 2.325 to € 2.972 (scale P) gross per month, based on fulltime (38 hours a week), exclusive 8 % holiday allowance and 8.3 end-of-year bonus. A favourable tax agreement, the ‘30% ruling’, may apply to non-Dutch applicants. The collective labour agreement Nederlandse Universiteiten is applicable. 
For more information and questions write to info@d-iep.org.


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