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Assistant professor in Physics/Coordinator for the Dutch Institute for Emergent Phenomena

status: closed (deadline February 10th, 2021)

The Institute of Physics at the University of Amsterdam aims to hire an assistant professor with a dual academic/managerial role for the Dutch Institute for Emergent Phenomena.

Scope of the position:

Between the microscopic world where the fundamental building blocks of matter reside and the macroscopic one that we see around us, there are numerous other scales that emerge from the microscopic world. Examples include the electronic scale, the atomic scale, the molecular scale or the mesoscopic scale. Traditionally, these different scales are individually focused on by separate (sub)disciplines in the sciences. Emergence, however, is seen by many as a universal notion extending beyond the realm of physics, mathematics and chemistry, reaching many other disciplines such as social sciences, information/computer science, as well as the humanities.

The Institute of Physics (IoP) aims to expand its research efforts in the direction of the physics of emergent phenomena, broadly defined, with the aim of establishing interdisciplinary connections to other research activities in this area within the Faculty of Science, the University of Amsterdam and/or other universities in the Netherlands. The aim is to put the IoP at the forefront of research into emergent phenomena.

On the managerial side, we are looking for someone who can play a leading, coordinating and supporting role in the developing university-wide research activities in emergent phenomena, which are a key part of the national DIEP (Dutch Institute for Emergent Phenomena) initiative, which is one of the game changers of route 2 of the National Science Agenda (NWA). This role includes responsibility for a broad outreach agenda, the development of courses and other teaching activities, community building, communication with scientists and stakeholders, fundraising through grant applications, the organization of meetings, workshops and conferences, and visitor programs.

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