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Exploring Multiscale Complexity: An Interdisciplinary Workshop

DIEP Workshop | 6th June 2024 | @TBD

Organizers: Fernando N. Santos, Wout Merbis, Andrey Bagrov

Workshop description

The study of emergent phenomena and complex systems spans multiple scales, encompassing diverse phenomena and mechanisms. Despite significant progress, our understanding of multiscale complexity remains incomplete. This workshop aims to address the state-of-the-art theoretical, mathematical, and computational modeling challenges that arise in bridging different length scales. By exploring critical and open questions, we seek to enhance our grasp of multiscale complexity through various perspectives and methodologies.

Hosted by the Dutch Institute for Emergent Phenomena (DIEP), in collaboration with the Theory of Condensed Matter Group at Radboud University (RU) and the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS), this interdisciplinary workshop will delve into the perspectives and challenges inherent in multiscale approaches to complex systems. The workshop will cover a broad spectrum of topics, from the statistical mechanics of multiscale systems and measures of complexity across scales, to high-order interactions and multivariate information theory.

Key applications of multiscale science include, but are not limited to, turbulence and hydrodynamics, higher-order networked systems, and computational neuroscience. Our discussions will focus on integrating multiscale science studies using diverse methods and measures of complexity. We will explore the most promising research directions in multiscale systems, examining how different approaches complement each other and can be integrated effectively.

Key Questions for the Workshop:

  • How can we better integrate the study of multiscale science using diverse methods and measures of complexity?

  • What are the most promising and fruitful research directions currently in multiscale systems?

  • How do various approaches complement each other, and how can they be integrated?

  • What opportunities, perspectives, and challenges exist in applying multiscale methods to novel application domains?

Invited speakers 


Fernando Rosas
(University of Sussex)


Ginestra Bianconi
(Queen Mary University of London)


Federico Toschi
(Eindhoven University of Technology)


Giovanni Lopes Vasconcelos
(Federal University of Paraná)

Registration (free)

The number of available spaces are limited. You can register here.
For more information send us an e-mail to



Fernando N. Santos
(University of Amsterdam)


Wout Merbis
(University of Amsterdam)


Andrey Bagrov
(Radboud University Nijmegen)

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